About us

About Us

When I was in college, I began my journey into the Catholic church. What was one of my great movers into the faith was the deeper meaning behind a lot of the art which previously I had ignored. Like the Triumph of Jesus over Paganism by Gustave Dore, Rembrandt's Prodigal Son, and even the depictions on the roof of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. As I became religious, I realized a new understanding for the art I was witnessing and this played a significant role in shaping my identity, particularly within the context of my Catholic upbringing. The culmination of these influences came to light when I decided to place The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Giordano on my phone case—an image which gives me strength knowing that we have already won. However, friends and family started asking me to make them similar phone cases. This became a hobby for me and led to a deliberate foray into crafting emblematic phone cases, ultimately giving rise to the establishment of our dedicated store.


Our Inspiration

The heart of our endeavor lies in the rich tapestry of inspiration drawn from the intersection of art and spirituality. Michelangelo's depiction of casting Satan out from Hell serves as the cornerstone, symbolizing the eternal struggle between good and evil. Each phone case becomes a canvas for these timeless narratives, blending tradition with modernity. The goal is not just to offer a product but to provide a tangible expression of faith and beauty that people can carry with them every day. Our creations are not mere accessories; they are windows into a world where art becomes a personal statement, a connection to something greater.

Our Store

What started as a personal venture soon evolved into a store where art enthusiasts and individuals seeking meaningful accessories could find solace. From phone cases to other curated items, our store is a haven for those who appreciate the marriage of artistic expression and personal faith. Each piece is crafted with care and dedication, reflecting our commitment to quality and a genuine passion for sharing the profound impact of art. Join us on this journey, and let our creations resonate with your spirit as we continue to explore the boundless possibilities where art, faith, and daily life converge. Welcome to our world of inspiration and creativity.